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My Soul Card is The Hierophant- the teacher. The animal representative of this card is the Stoat. The coat of Stoats change color in the winter from gray to white. Because of this change, the white stoat is considered magical, as they become hard to see in the snow, and bring good luck when you see a white stoat. I chose this magical, clever, teaching animal as my representation because it felt right. 


3 Card Spread

2 Questions answered with a

"___, because___ so, ___"

three-card reading.

For examples see our Instagram page.

10 Card Spread

Ten Card Spread that dives deeply into your immediate moment and larger cycle of life. Read with an eye towards your highest and best good, this reading is best for someone who is ready and willing to live and examined life.

Birthday Reading

Ten Card Spread that answers the question "What should I focus on in the coming year?"

5 Spreads to Unf*ck
Your Life

Based on Melissa Cynova's Tarot Elements, this 5 spread reading is meant to guide you to unfuck your life. These five spreads are based around the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

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